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Jason Collins and A$AP Rocky Share Awkward Moment on VMA Stage

Jason Collins, the first openly gay NBA player, stood on stage next to rapper A$AP Rocky at the VMAs on Sunday and things got a little awkward.

Collins  and Rocky came on stage to introduce Macklemore’s gay-rights anthem, “Same Love.”  Collins began his speech nervously, visibly uncomfortable, and even mumbling through some words.

“Just before I came out, my grandmother told me she was afraid that I will encounter the same prejuduce and bigotry she experienced in the segregated South,” Collins told the crowd. “I knew hating someone for the sexual orientation is the same thing as hating them for the color of their skin.”

Then A$AP Rocky took the mic and that’s where the awkwardness increased. At one point in his speech, Rocky appeared to be at a loss for words, blurting out “homosexuality” when he referred to Collins on stage.

“A$AP Ferg Trap little album in stores right now,” Rocky said, promoting his album. “The next artist is a good friend of mine, he stands up for everything his believe in as far as everybody being equal, color, (pause) homosexuality–shout out to my boy–the white boy can spit, Macklemore.”

Check out the awkward moment in the video below.

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