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See How Pacers’ Center Roy Hibbert Fits Into Tiny Airplane Bathroom

Have you ever been in an airplane’s bathroom and thought, how can anybody fit in this thing?

Well, just take a second to imagine what it must be like for Indiana Pacers big man Roy Hibbert.

Standing at a colossal 7 foot 2 inches, Hibbert easily defends a basketball hoop without breaking a sweat.  But as you can see, things can be pretty difficult for the baller when he tries to use a common airplane bathroom.

Somehow Hibbert managed to pull his cell phone out in that cramp bathroom and pop a selfie to post on his Instagram page.

“I’m not one to take selfies but I know y’all were wondering how I fit in an airplane bathroom and the answer is … I don’t,” he wrote on Instagram. “#crampedlife.”

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