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Good Deed: Katt Williams Resolves Target Case, Gifts Fan $1,000

Comedian Katt Williams is a funny man with a big heart. Following a performance in Boston on Sunday, Williams invited a patron backstage and gifted her with $1,000.

According to NY Daily News:

“Williams 39, gave a wheelchair-bound member of the audience $1,000 after learning his fan needed a kidney transplant.

“Williams’ security  noticed the woman in the crowd crying, but she insisted they were ‘tears of joy’ after Williams’ act made her laugh for the first time since she learned she needed the operation.

“Security brought her backstage to meet the funny man, who was so moved by her story that he gave her $100 bills equaling $1000 rolled up inside a piece of paper and a note reading:’God never leaves.'”

The comedian’s generosity helped to offset the erratic behavior he has displayed in the past. Late last year, Williams displayed instances of odd behavior that resulted in several arrests. One episode included slapping a Target store employee in Woodland, Calif. On Monday, Williams resolved that case in court.

According to

“Williams pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge on Monday (Aug. 19) in response to a Nov. 25 incident in which he struck a Target employee in Woodland, CA, a local CBS website reports. He was sentenced to one year of informal probation and ordered to stay away from the Woodland Target. Additionally, he was levied with a 10-year firearm prohibition and a $200 fine.”


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