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Ben’s Absence from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Explained In Bonus Clip

If you’re a die-hard “Grey’s Anatomy” fan, you may have been wondering why Ben has been away from his new bride, Dr. Bailey, during most of the ninth season of the popular show. Thanks to THR, the answer has been revealed.

In a bonus clip from “Grey’s Anatomy,” Bailey helps shed some light on where her missing husband has been.

She informs Ben of her nickname, ‘Bootie Call Bailey,’ and blasts her new husband for ‘distracting’ her from being a good doctor. “You are not coming back for a month. A whole month. And don’t argue with me, it’s not going to work,” she says.

While that explains his absence from the show’s storyline, in real life, the Jason George was away filming ABC’s “Mistresses.”

The bonus scene will be featured on the season nine DVD set, available August 27.

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