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Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe Sworn in as President

Robert Mugabe, Africa’s oldest leader, takes oath of office for fifth term as the president of Zimbabwe.

According to a report in The Guardian:

Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe, Africa’s oldest leader at 89, has been sworn in for a new five-year term in the face of criticism from opponents and the west that his re-election in July was not credible.

“Mugabe, who has ruled since independence from Britain in 1980, has told critics to ‘go hang’ and has vowed to press ahead with nationalist policies forcing foreign firms to turn over majority stakes to black Zimbabweans.

“He took his new oath of office before the bewigged chief justice, Godfrey Chidyausiku, at a ceremony in a 60,000-seat football stadium in Harare witnessed by thousands of cheering supporters, diplomats and delegations from the region.”

Excerpts from Live Updates: Robert Mugabe Inauguration

According to The Standard of Zimbabwe;

13:34 – “We need to move purposefully to benefit from our minerals.”

13:32 – “We have been on sanctions for over a decade and most likely will remain so for longer.”

13:30 – “Those who voted for me have expectations.”

13:00 – “We had free and fair elections, well done Zimbabwe,” Mugabe.

12:58 – Mugabe says the days of our elections were engrossing.

12:56 – He says today is also a day to celebrate our new Constitution.

12:52 – Mugabe begins his address.

12:24 – President Mugabe has just been sworn in by Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku amid wild celebrations by the Zanu PF supporters.

12:19 – President R.G. Mugabe now inspecting the parade using a vehicle.

12:17 – 21-Gun Salute as President Mugabe gets ready for his acceptance speech.

12:15 – General Constantine Chiwenga signs Oath of Allegiance to be followed by other Service Chiefs.

11:53 – Stadium breaks into the song “Nyatsoterera unzwe kutonga” by Mbare Chimurenga, praising Mugabe’s leadership.

11:48 – He signs the Oath Declaration Statement.

11:47 – President Mugabe takes oath to serve Zimbabwe as the President for the next five years. This is met by loud cheers.

11:45 – President Mugabe being sworn in by Chief Justice Chidyausiku.

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