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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Rapper’s Instagram Flossing Leads to Largest Gun Bust in NYC

Matthew Best is an aspiring rapper from Brooklyn who goes by the moniker, Neno Best. He was also involved in a large multi-state gun ring. His former vocation didn’t work out so well for him, yet the latter generated lots of cash—prompting him to post photos and videos of guns and stacks to his Instagram account.

Neno Best bragged to his followers about selling weapons out of his Ocean Hill recording studio. Some of his followers praised him for his money making skills, while others blasted him for foolishly broadcasting his dubious venture online. “You buggin fam gangstas move in silence you not gangsta you a fool,” posted one Instagram user.

Best eventually realized he should remove the posts, but not before they came to the attention of the NYPD, who were already onto him.  In the end, the authorities took down Best and the whole racket, which eventually uncovered a multi-state gun trafficking ring, leading to the largest gun bust in New York City history. Officers seized 243 handguns, nine rifles and two shotguns.

So, Neno paid the price by being too showy to avoid dry snitching on himself with his smart phone. While to some, Neno may go down in history as another dumb criminal, but at least he can still pursue a rap career: there’s always room for a fake gangsta rapper in hip-hop.

Check out the press conference in the video below…


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