M.I.A. Drops New Track ‘Unbreak My Mixtape’

mia-unbreak-my-mixtapeM.I.A. released a new song “Unbreak My Mixtape,” as the controversial artist seems to be mending things with her label in an effort to release her new album later this year. M.I.A.’s album “Matangi” was due to be released earlier this year, but has been delayed until Nov. 5, much to her chagrin. According to rollingstone.com:

“M.I.A.’s tense year is finally coming together. After recently threatening to leak her new album, Matangi, the singer has posted a new track called ‘Unbreak My Mixtape.’ The woozy, airy track samples Blur’s “Tender” and Karen Dalton’s “I Love You More Than Words Can Say” and includes emotional vocals from M.I.A. “How can I stand by you if I can’t find my feet?” she sings.”

M.I.A.’s documentary about “Matangi” also seems to be back on track after her label Roc Nation pulled a teaser to the film last month, which sent her director Steve Loveridge into hysterics. As reported by billboard.com:

“A controversial M.I.A. documentary appears to be back in progress, as well: ‘doc started back up today,’ she tweeted on Tuesday. In July, a trailer appeared online before quicky being pulled, and director Stephen Loveridge shared an email to Roc Nation announcing he would rather die than work on this.”

“Unbreak My Mixtape,” features M.I.A. singing—rather than rapping on most of the tracks. According to complex.com:

“Tagged ‘soft, ‘lovers rock’ and ‘break up songs,’ the song works in three samples as an illustration of its central lyrical theme about one lover making a mix tape for another to prepare for taking a break. It’s a mixtape within a song, which gives it a jerky, disorienting feel as it turns the conventional pop chorus on its head. In true M.I.A. fashion, it confuses at first before becoming familiar.”

Check out M.I.A.’s “Unbreak My Mixtape” below.

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