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‘Bridezillas’ Episode 11: ‘Krystal and Evelina’

Bridezillas” Season 10, Episode 11 “Krystal and Evelina” airs tonight on WE.

This week’s episode offers a double dose of violence and meltdowns, as this is how two brides-to-be deal with not getting their way.

One bride, Krystal gets violent with her bridal party when her demands aren’t met.  Her bridesmaid’s hand-tossed salad was the last straw. The other, Evelina,  has meltdown after meltdown when she doesn’t get what she wants.  This Polish-European princess loves her tan lines…oh, and her obedient fiance.

Tune in to WE tonight at 8:00 PM/ 7 C to catch all the meltdowns and breakdowns in “Bridezillas Season 10, Episode 11 “Krystal and Evelina.” Check out two sneak peek videos below…



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