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‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ Episode 13: ‘What Are You Doing Here?’

The Haves and the Have Nots” Episode 13 “What Are You Doing Here?”  airs tonight on OWN.

In tonight’s episode, Veronica takes a deeper look into Benny’s case, but information comes to light linking Tony and Benny, the father he doesn’t know he has. Meanwhile, Jeffery tries to convince Laura to stay away from Wyatt. Candace continues to implement her evil plot.

Tune in to OWN tonight at 9PM/8 C to catch “The Haves and the Have Nots Season 1, Episode 13 “What Are You Doing Here?” Take a look at the preview below to get a glimpse into what’s in store tonight.


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5 thoughts on “‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ Episode 13: ‘What Are You Doing Here?’

  1. MaryAnn Kershaw Ali says:

    Love this soap.

  2. This show rocks the house! 😀

  3. Veronica Harrington, I really love her roll doing these few passed weeks of the show: Ser is really good at what she is doing. "BUT" I do see something about her and Benny Young , I really feel that she may have some feeling for him: and I also feel that she is losing feel are trust for husband: Trust between husband and wife is necessary for a strong, life-time relationship. It means that no matter what threatens their marriage—attraction to other people, financial or health issues, interference from in-laws, faults in each other—they surmount the problem by communicating with compassion, patience and understanding. Veronice Harrington, The say she talking to people bring back the good old days of growing up as a child, She shows that the way mothers talk to their children at a young age influences their social skills later in childhood. I love the show grate job.

  4. i really like this series,………………. luv u guys, ts so kuuuuuuuul..

  5. will benny live? he's on life support.will wyatt get arrested?

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