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‘Marrying The Game’ Season 2, Episode 2

Marrying The Game” Season 2, Episode 2 airs tonight on VH1.

In tonight’s episode, Daphne Wayans stops by Game’s house to check in with him and to see where his head is, in terms of his relationship with Tiffney. Game heads over to Tiff’s condo to discuss the status of their relationship. The embattled couple ponder on whether there’s still a spark between them.

Tune in to VH1 tonight at 9:30 PM to catch “Marrying The Game Season 2, Episode 2. Check out the sneak peek below.


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2 thoughts on “‘Marrying The Game’ Season 2, Episode 2

  1. Got A Testimony Tanthany says:

    I think tiff needs to loosen up a little. You cant change a person, but u can change you so that you're comfortable..make up your mind, this is getting old fast!!

  2. Just marry him and things will begin to work itself out. But Tiff does need to loosen up alot. Everyone has their own unique way of loving. U can't make a person change the way they love and fill ur heart with joy. I know Tiff is just scared of the fact that she is marrying a rapper. And she knows rappers have tendencies to cheat. But its not just rappers its everyone. Everyone cheats. But its up to that couple to decide whether u want to make it work or not. Tiff take a leap out on faith. God will hear ur cries. If any.

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