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Kevin Durant Drops 63 in Return Game in Seattle

Kevin Durant took part in the Jamall Crawford Summer Pro-Am in Seattle Sunday,  laid down 63 points, but missed the final shot that would have given his team the victory.

It was Durant’s first time back in Seattle to play basketball since the SuperSonics left for Oklahoma City in 2008. But the time apart didn’t seem to have a negative effect on his fans.

About 3,000 spectators, many of them wearing Seattle SuperSonics Durant jerseys, packed the small college gym to see him put on a show. It was Durant’s team vs. Crawford’s team.

Though Durant’s shot was off, with 8-for-32 from three-point range, he made most of his points driving to the hole for slam dunks. Crawford’s team ultimately won the game beating Durant’s team 147-141. For the fans it wasn’t about winning, they were just happy to have Durant back home.

“I just want to say I miss you guys,” Durant told the jammed packed small-college gym “Thank you for the warm welcome. I can’t wait to come back.”

After the game, Durant tried to slip away, but fans discovered where his SUV was parked and surrounded it. Instead of driving off, Durant stopped, signed autographs and posed for several pictures.

In the video, watch Durant lay down some monster jams in his return to Seattle for Crawford’s Summer Pro-Am.

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