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Get Big: Usain Bolt Takes 100-Meter Dash at World Championship

Usain Bolt has done it again. The Jamaican six-time Olympic gold medalist won his second 100-meter world title. The victory came on Sunday under rainy skies in Moscow.

“I came out here just to execute and get it right and to win,” Bolt said. “That’s what I do. For me to come in and regain my title, it’s always great to be back.”

American Justin Gatlin finished second after taking an early lead out of the starting blocks. Bolt tracked down Gatlin and won the race in 9.77 seconds, which would have been significantly lower if it wasn’t raining.

“They wanted an epic race in rain, and they got it,” Gatlin said.

Bolt’s fellow Jamaican Nesta Carter, who was the fastest out of the starting blocks, came in third with a time of 9.95.

Earlier this week, Bolt talked to reporters in Moscow about what motivates him to keep running after all the success that he has achieved in his track career.

“I want to set myself higher than the rest because I want to be among the greatest of all time and be discussed as someone great like Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and Pele,” Bolt said. “I want to be among these guys, and if I want to be that I have to keep pushing myself regardless of who I am facing so that when I retire I’ll be remembered among the greatest sportsmen.”

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