Will Apple’s Next iPhone 5S be Unveiled in September?

plastic iphone

The wait for the much-anticipated new iPhone may be over in less than a month. According to AllThingsD.com and respected blogger Jim Dalrymple, who’s notoriously accurate at predicting these events, Apple will unveil the new iPhone on September 10th.

Considering all the rumors, we can expect a few things to come out of this event, including the iPhone 5s, the low-cost iPhone 5C, and the launch of iOS 7. As reported by techcrunch.com:

“We’ll probably see the iPhone 5S at this event, which by all reports would look a lot like the iPhone 5 but might pack some improvements including a faster processor, a dual LED flash and a better camera, to name a few. We may even see an iPhone 5C released at the same time, which is the rumored name for a low-cost iPhone with a plastic back andessentially iPhone 5 internals. Remember too that Apple will likely launch iOS 7 officially at or shortly after the September 10 event.”

The date has not been confirmed by Apple yet, which is not uncommon for the often tight-lipped media policies of the company. There are also no surprise devices expected to be revealed at this event. According to allthingsd.com:

“Apple is also expected to formally launch the next version of Mac OS X, known as Mavericks, in the coming weeks, though that is not expected at the Sept. 10 event.

“Consumers, investors (and reportedly board members, as well) have been pressing Apple for a more rapid pace of innovation.

“The company has long been rumored to also be working on television and watch projects, though there is no indication either of those are close to debuting.”

Our calendars have been marked, and we look forward to seeing what Apple actually has up its sleeve.





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