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The Tampa Bay Rays Pull Off The Old ‘Hidden Ball’ Trick

The Tampa Bay Rays managed to pull off the rare hidden ball trick, tagging Juan Uribe of the Dodgers out at third base.

The old trick play occurred Saturday in the fourth inning, with Los Angeles leading 4-0. A.J. Ellis hit a bases-loaded sacrifice fly, and all three runners moved up as center fielder Wil Myers threw toward the plate.

The play begins with first baseman James Loney, who wounded up with the ball behind the mound. He makes a short pass to shortstop Yunel Escobar, who then quickly tossed the ball to third baseman undetected.

Longoria stood behind Uribe with his eyes locked on his foot. While Uribe was chatting with third base coach Tim Wallach, he took his foot off the bag and Longoria tagged him.

Umpire Angel Hernandez the made the out call. He was right on the play, watching the whole time.

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