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New York Jets Geno Smith Won’t Miss Any Time Because of Ankle Sprain


New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith got the official diagnosis of his ankle injury on Saturday. Smith suffered a mild ankle sprain in the Jets’ preseason opener Friday night against the Detroit Lions, according to sources.

The young QB said he was in “complete disbelief” after he went to the ground in pain. “I was just hoping that it isn’t anything significant, which it isn’t,” he said.

Smith, who after injuring his ankle, walked to the podium without a limp to speak to the media post game.

“I’m the type guy, I’m not going to walk off that field unless they pull me off of it,” Smith said. “I told the trainers I want to go back to practice on Monday and I expect to play in our next game. We’ll take it day by day. It feels a bit sore right now, but I’m pretty sure it will get better.”

The team didn’t provide an official update on his status, but reports say Geno Smith isn’t expected to miss any significant time.

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