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Nigeria’s President Goodluck Explains Why Nigeria Can’t Disintegrate

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday frowned at those predicting the disintegration of Nigeria by 2015, saying such people or organizations would be disappointed.

Jonathan made his remarks as his Vice President Namadi Sambo and other Muslim faithful, paid him Salah homage at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

According to Jonathan, some of the problems the country is experiencing are temporary, and largely fueled by some selfish elites.

“Let me use this opportunity again to also reassure you, Moslem brothers, and indeed, the whole country that myself, the vice president and our team will do our best to reposition the country.

“Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters and we must live together. Those who are predicting that this country will separate based on our front lines as at the time of amalgamation by 2015, they will know that those predictions may not be true.’’

He said that Nigeria would continue to remain one indivisible country, noting that the nation’s uniqueness was borne out of its position as “a deeply religious people of Christians and Muslims”.

“For us, we cannot imagine a Nigeria without Muslims and Christians. You can call it another name, but not Nigeria.

“So it is a blessing that this is one country that you have significant population of Muslims and Christians and this religious diversity will enhance our development because we can get across the whole world, wherever we go we are accepted.

“That helps us in so many ways. We are not even exploiting our diversity because of the myopic views of the elites about our situations,’’ he said.

The president, who also joined the Muslim community in observing the fasting for 29 days, congratulated all Muslims for the successful fasting.

“My brothers and sisters, assalam alaiku [may peace be unto you]. Let me first and foremost use this unique opportunity to congratulate all Muslim brothers and sisters from this great country, and indeed, all over the world for going through this tempting period, in this month of Ramadan in the holy month that the Quran was revealed to humanity.

“Sometimes when you are not involved in fasting, you will think it is an easy thing to go through. My trousers are just pulling out from my waist.

“So you should know that it is not easy to forego food for a reasonable time within 24 hours of the day…

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