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Microsoft Xbox Unboxes ‘One’

Microsoft will release a new version of their game console, the Xbox One in November. Few new tech products are set to generate as much buzz this year as the Xbox One, so when Microsoft released an “unboxing” video of the new console it was naturally a big deal. So what’s in the box?

According to

“The three and a half minute video goes through every single thing found in the box, from the cube itself, to the controller, to the Kinect, which is not sentient enough to unbox itself yet. Also included is headset that’s a mini-reversal from the past announcement that the One wouldn’t come with one. The headset will be included in both the Day One and Standard editions of the console, and I think it was a really smart idea of them to continue bundling it the way they did with the 360.”

From the looks of the video, the new Xbox One looks okay at best. Although these devices are built primarily for graphic performance, aesthetics should still be a concern if someone is going to make this the center of their living room. To me, the design is uninspiring, it actually looks a bit too boxy (pun intended.)

Yet Microsoft and the Xbox One team probably weren’t concerned with showing off the console’s good looks—which is more of a PR move to make sure they keep the right buzz about the product. This is especially important as Sony’s update to Playstation 4 will be releasing around the same time as the Xbox One. Microsoft didn’t get off to a great start with the product in terms of PR. As reported by

“First unveiled to the public back in May, the Xbox One has had a somewhat rocky launch path, most notably due to the gaming community’s reaction to the console’s requirement that users connect to the Internet every 24 hours in order to play games, as well as limitations on sharing games.

“In the wake of a good deal of grumbling from the gamer community about those restrictions, Microsoft reversed its decisions on both fronts. But adding to Microsoft’s ongoing challenges ahead of the console’s debut is the pending release of Sony’s own next-gen game system, the PlayStation 4, which will be free of the initial Xbox One restrictions and priced at $100 less.”

This will be an interesting battle that we will, no doubt, be keeping an eye on as it unfolds. For now, you can check out the Xbox One video above.

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