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Greg Jennings: Green Bay Packers ‘Brainwashed’ Me and Other Players

If you want to hear anything good about the Green Bay Packers, one person you shouldn’t ask is Greg Jennings.

Jennings seems to go out of his way to attack the Packers, claiming in an interview with Paul Allen and Ben Leber of KFAN Radio that the Packers organization “brainwashed” him and other players into thinking that other franchises are unfavorable.

“When I came over here, I kind of had, I was kind of brainwashed. There’s no ‘kind of’ to it. Being over in Green Bay, you’re brainwashed to think that anyone in the division is just tiers below.”

Jennings elaborated, “It’s like everything that you know in Green Bay is like the best, the best, the best, the best, the best. And it’s like total brainwashing. And I think you don’t open your eyes to see what other teams have to offer unless you are in that position.”

He claims the comment was innocent, but it goes against Vikings Head Coach Leslie  expressed wish that he wants Jennings to keep his focus on Minnesota.

Jennings left the Packers to sign a lucrative, five-year $47.5 million deal with the Vikings.

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