‘Couples Therapy’ Season 3 Episode 8: ‘Picking Up the Pieces’

Couples Therapy” Season 3 Episode 8 “Picking Up the Pieces” premiers on VH1 tonight.

In this week’s episode, the fallout from Flavor Flav and Joe’s heated confrontation distracts the house from the real work at hand. Dr. Jenn attempts to negotiate a truce between the two colorful personalities. Meanwhile, Tyler opens up to Dr. Mike about his father and becomes emotional when Catelynn tries to comfort him. In group session, the couples attend an expressive therapy exercise to help them convey their anger in more constructive ways.

Take a look at the sneak peek previews below to get an idea of what “Couples Therapy” will be like tonight.

Dr. Jenn meets with Flavor Flav to get his perspective on the fight with Joe, as well as the reason for the argument.

Guess what happens when Joe and Abbey wake up Temple and Chingy and try to give them birthday cupcakes at 4 AM on his birthday morning.


Now that Abbey is working on finding her voice in her relationship with Joe, Dr. Jenn tells Abbey that if she needs anything, she can turn to any one of the counselors.


Tune in to VH1 tonight at 9 PM/ 8 Central to see how everything unfolds in Couples Therapy Season 3 Episode 8: Picking Up the Pieces.

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