CBS Pushing First Comedy with 2 Black Leads in ‘Room 8’

CBS is finally promoting a comedy that stars and follows two black leads.

The collaboration between Bell-Phillip Television Productions and CBS has created a show titled “Room 8,” a spin-off web series from “The Bold and The Beautiful,” that the network has made into a stand-alone show.

Lawrence Saint-Victor and Karla Mosley star as Lance and Scarlett, two attractive up-and-comers who can’t stand each other, but unknowingly rent the same apartment. When neither of them want to give up the apartment, they try to live together and make things work.

“It’s great that CBS and Bell-Phillip are investing in diversity,” said Saint-Victor, who is also the writer and producer of the show. “The is something that had never been done before, spinning a a fictional web series from Bold and turning it into a stand alone web series. Straight up innovation.”

“Room 8” debuts Thursday Aug. 8th at

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