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Really? Juan Pablo Galavis First ‘Non-White’ Bachelor?

A new Bachelor has been chosen for ABC’s match-making reality series, “The Bachelor.” Host Chris Harrison announced Monday night that former “The Bachelorette” suitor, Juan Pablo Galavis will star in the next edition of the series. The 32-year-old former pro soccer player reportedly from Venezuela – now living in Miami – is being touted as the first “non-Caucasian” bachelor or bachelorette in franchise history after 18 seasons on the air, says the The Hollywood Reporter.

While the franchise has featured a handful of minorities as suitors—Will Reese, African-American, also appeared on Desiree Hartsock’s season, which just wrapped Monday night. ABC,  a producer of Warner Horizon TV, has previously come under fire for casting only white bachelors and bachelorettes for their hit reality series.

Last year a lawsuit was filed against both the network and the producers claiming they violated racial discrimination laws, but the case was eventually thrown out by a federal judge citing the first amendment offered protection against such claims.

Besides The Hollywood Reporter, other news outlets championed the notion that Galavis was a good solution to silence complaints about the show’s lack of diversity.

“Not only do women seem to love him, casting him will help soothe accusations the series doesn’t include enough minorities,” read an E! News report.

Hollywood Gossip writes:

“Finally, to state the obvious, he’s Latino and the reality TV franchise has long been the subject of negative criticism for its lack of racial diversity.

Juan Pablo is Venezuelan-born (his first language isn’t English), and he’s a semi-known commodity that wouldn’t be written off as token minority casting.”

Now it appears ABC may (or may not) be half inching towards adding more diversity in their bachelor selection. But, take a look at Mr. Juan Pablo Galavis. While I have no knowledge of his genetic background, it’s clear he would not have had to sit in the back of an American bus back in the sixties. Although his Latino background may technically classify him as a minority, this does not make him “non-Caucasian.” After all, Latinos are made up of all racial groups, with White European descendants being a large part of that classification.

The move by ABC does not imply a move towards diversity, but a ploy to address the accusations on paper without addressing it on screen. Mr. Galavis, a Venezuelan citizen of Latino decent, on paper appears to be something different from your average white dude, but on screen he looks no different from the British, Spanish, Irish, Italian, Australian, or Russian men that dominate American television.

What are your thoughts about Juan Pablo Galavis being touted as an attempt to add more diversity to “The Bachelor cast.

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7 thoughts on “Really? Juan Pablo Galavis First ‘Non-White’ Bachelor?

  1. Amy Meckler says:

    Juan Pablo was born in the United States, and moved to Venezuela when he was 2. Does that still make him Latino? The language you speak doesn't define your ethnic background. Do your homework.

  2. Jessica Ramirez Fowler says:

    Hmmm…Where do you get that most Latinos are mixed with White European descendants? You must be from the East coast. I'm thinking more Indian. Anyway, really, when I watch BET and their reality dating shows, it's not like I see white people. Is that supposed to be racist too? I think it's a matter of putting contestants on the show who will be naturally attracted to each other. Maybe that's part of the screening process. BTW "bachelor Sean" had no problem hooking up with black women. They were probably on the show because the producers knew he would like them. The new bachelor/-ette is a spin-off to keep people interested. I don't think it's based on race. Respectfully, don't throw the "race card". Those comments make you seem uneducated. Do we really need to be a part of everything "white people" do? Obviously, anyone with ambition can just make their own show the way they like it (as on BET, Oprah, etc.). Have some pride and appreciate the freedom we have to be creative. Stop whining about what the "white people" are doing. Stop being a part of the problem and be a part of the solution. You are a writer who can be a positive influence on your race and other minorities. Don't encourage this "racist" negativity.

  3. The writer said that Latins are mixed with European and that is 100% correct.. For example a Mexican is a mix of Indian and Spanish (as in European)

  4. They picked the whitest Latino they could find 🙂 I can see the SNL parody already 🙂 ……I was hoping for a hot Asian or Pacific Islander or black or Middle Eastern, but that wouldn't be whitewashing enough 🙂

  5. Rudy Valente De Andrade says:

    The majority of Mexicans are not mixed with Europeans! Mexicans are very different from the rest of the so called Latin Americans. I don't think Mexican should call themselves Latin, at all.

  6. Technically in order to be a Mexican you would have to be Indian and spaniard

  7. Ed Rodguez says:

    Latinos/Hispanics are either Black, white, Native American even Asian or a mixture of all these. They could be a combination of Black and White or Native American and White or Native American and Black , etc., etc. Mexicans are more of a mixture of Native Americans and White, Puerto Ricans are a mixture of White, Native American and Black same as many Cubans and most Dominicans. South Americans are a mixture of Native Americans and White with some Black. Spaniards are White. Add to some of these mixtures a little Asian. Keep in mind that because someone is a Spaniard doesn't mean they are White. Just as because someone is an American doesn't mean they are White, or an Italian or a German or a British, etc., etc. Furthermore, because someone is an African doesn't mean they are Black. That's why the term African American as used in this US of A doesn't make sense. Hopefully, this very simple explanation can shed some light on those who are a little mentally challenged when it comes to race/ethnicity and nationality. Finally, you want to know what ethnicity you are made up of, take a DNA test, you'll be surprised.

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