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Atlanta Grandfather Larry Waller Victim in Hit-and-Run Accident

Photo Credit: Fox 5 Atlanta

ATLANTA – A local family is praying for the recovery of a grandfather who became a hit-and-run victim early Sunday morning.  Police say 63-year-old Larry Waller — a beloved father and grandfather — was hit by a vehicle at the intersection of Joseph E. Boone Boulevard and Payne Avenue just after midnight.

Rhonda Myrick, Waller’s cousin, was among a large gathering of family and friends at Waller’s home on Sunday. He lives a couple of blocks away from the intersection where the hit and run occurred. Myrick says police told the family a dark blue car hit Waller, and swung him about 50-70 feet, but just kept going.

Willie Bracey says he witnessed the accident.  He says Waller was knocked into the air and right out of his shoes from the impact.  He says he saw the car, but didn’t manage to get a license plate number.

Waller’s family says he was returning from the store when he was hit. Since no one recalled the license plate number, police are hoping someone will give them a tip about a damaged blue car– perhaps someone at a body repair shop.

“There’s going to be a dented blue car somewhere– a dented blue car,” said Tocarra Pace, a family friend.  “They’ll see blood. It’s something that says this is not normal.”

Family members told FOX 5 that Waller had been walking the same route for 30 years, typically crossing the street and cutting through a church parking lot to reach his home nearby…

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