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Got a Big Ego: Jaguar Driver Gets a Painful Lesson After Inconsiderate Parking

There’s nothing worse than an inconsiderate driver who regularly fails to stay within the white lines, off the double-yellows and out of handicapped spots, when parking in parking lots. On second thought, there is something: an inconsiderate driver who owns a luxury vehicle.

In the video above, a group of employees take a stance against a perpetrator of arrogant and discourteous parking. By deliberately parking a large 4×4 SUV as close to his Jaguar XK as humanly possible, they caused their colleague, who repeatedly parks like a “jerk,” a great deal of trouble getting his not-so-athletic frame into his little sports car.

All the while the pranksters watched from a window and filmed the whole incident and uploaded it to the web. Watch the hilarity unfold in the video above.

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