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Italy’s Black Minister Cecile Kyenge Demands Apology For Racist Slurs

Italy’s first black minister Cecile Kyenge is finally speaking out about the almost daily racial slurs she has faced since becoming integration minister.  She is demanding an apology from the leader of the Northern League after members of the party staged a walkout when she arrived for a meeting in the northern town of Cantu near Como.

According to Euronews:

“It was the last straw for the integration minister who joined Enrico Letta’s government in April. Since then she has faced almost daily racial slurs.

“‘I call on the leader of the Northern League after recent events, after the attacks of recent days to say something, to make a strong statement about what happened, especially to guarantee my presence at another meeting which they are holding. In the absence of him responding, I cannot guarantee my presence at that meeting,’ she said.

“Earlier, a Northern League official likened her to a gorilla in a Facebook post. The leader of the party stopped short of an apology.

“‘The league does not make personal attacks, but fights against policy proposals such as her proposal on citizenship for foreigners – a big error,’ said Roberto Maroni leader Northern League.”

Kyenge recently responded via Twitter after bananas were thrown at her while she was making a speech.

Kyenge responded to the gesture on Twitter, calling it “sad” and a waste of food.

“The courage and optimism to change things has to come above all from the bottom up to reach the institutions,” she said, the Guardian reports.

According to

“Some of Italy’s top politicians on Saturday rallied behind the country’s first black minister, a target of racist slurs since her appointment in April, after a spectator threw bananas at her while she was making a speech.

Kyenge, who is originally from Democratic Republic of Congo, was appearing at a political rally in Cervia in central Italy on Friday, when someone in the audience threw bananas towards the stage, narrowly missing it.

“Kyenge has faced almost daily racial slurs and threats since joining the government. Earlier this month a senator from the anti-immigration Northern League party likened her to an orangutan and only apologized after a storm of criticism.”



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12 thoughts on “Italy’s Black Minister Cecile Kyenge Demands Apology For Racist Slurs

  1. Larry Dillon says:

    White Trash pious filth

  2. Joy Cosby-Byrd says:

    And they question why we take pride in being a strong black woman. Putting up with ignorance like this only makes you STRONGER!

  3. Racism must die! Case in point Racism in Italy! Racism is racism no matter where its coming from Time is now the to eradicate white supremacy!

  4. Sometimes i wonder to myself what gave some groups authority over another,what makes their group so special?? At the end of the day every human is just flesh,bones and blood,we shall all die…why should skin colour determine who is greater? Its sad. I am proud to be black and….black people is reaponsible for building most of the world's civilation

  5. I live in Italy, and it's true, Italy is a Racist country, more than you would believe, because it's most hidden behind doors, this news I learn here now on this site, we heard nothing of it in the news here, and I have my own experiences of it, I made a mistake marrying my Italian husband, one I payed for the 11 years that I was with that person and it's not even easy for me to leave because of the kids. thats past, Thank the Gods.

  6. Ohyou Madhuh says:

    When are black ppl going to wake up white ppl all over the world hate us these are the dicendints of slave masters an they feel the same way the fathers grandfather an great great grandfather felt bout us we need every black ppl on this earth to unite……….. …….

  7. Sunshine Boyd says:


  8. fear, people of color are very special, but keeping us hating ourselves and each other keeps us at their view. We need to change our view of who we are first. As for Christianity it brings our view of ourselves on a higher purpose, not religion or slave mentality. Raise your standards, pull up your pants, close your legs. Build some character and integrity and stop looking for handouts. I am smart, funny, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I am a registered nurse and I have a BA in IT. I never let what others think affect me. I learn from their oversight and continue to grow. I make up my own mind of who you are based on how you present yourself. Take responsibility for believing a lie and start walking the truth, respect yourself and others. Hold your head up high.

  9. All over the world the black raced is hated by people who for what ever reason fear the blsck race. It is apparently there must be something very unique about black people. I say thst because if we were so non-revelent, why would it be such a big deal. Appare.tly knowing my people history and contribution we have made to this world. Shows we are the creation of all mankind. So with that being said, some gave have big secret they does not want to be reveled. They know the truth, but the ? Is they want to know if black people really know the truth. See the lie the white man has told all.over the world alone with European, that black are less supetior than others us bold face lie. But they think black folks are still illiterate, and uneducated. But it only shows how stupid people can be over 400 hu.dred years later, they still holding on to the lie. This is 2015 and you have so msny intelligent black people. Apparently the racust are stuck in a time swap. I pray every day. For the lost people if the land. Cause in the end wr see who the intellect are. The truth will be told all over the world. So keep hating all you time swap lost people of the land , cause the black man will rule un due time. So just tell your grandchildren to be ready, cause a change gone come. And this sickeness will be over. The racist are intimidated by the black race because they know the truth. The truth is whats sets you free. Black man had no hate, because wr were but from a different cloth. After all the oppression wr still standing, no other race upon the earth have that kind if stamina. We are champion among champion. There us no geting ride of the black race we ate the only people that you will find all over the world. Simply because the black woman is mother earth. She is the creation of all races. You cant. Stop the creation of all man kind. Enough said

  10. she is not suppose to be there just as we do not want them ruling in our countries.

  11. you speak truth. they hate us because we are israel, the chosen of God, our God,YHWH. WE have turned our back on our God. this is not the first time we have done it. It was written that we would be brought here on ships and made slaves. WE are punished for worshiping false gods. our churches burn, yeah, they are burning. meanwhile, the gentile worships his gods and he has prospered. however, he is going to be punished for his sins, too and WE need to flee from here now. our true identity has been stolen.

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