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Waterproof Your Smartphone With Neverwet

Nowadays, smartphones owners avoid water like the bubonic plague. That’s because if they were to drop their iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4 into water it would become a $600 mistake. This is an increasing concern for many users, as their smartphone has now become the only mobile device they carry with as they run in rain or take pictures by the pool or beach. A few companies have tried to offer some solutions to this problem with waterproof cases, most notably the Samsung Galaxy Active which is water-resistant. Yet these solutions can cost upwards of $100. What if I told you that you could fix the problem for as little as $20?

Enter Neverwet, a product being distributed by Rust-Oleum that claims to waterproof any surface that you spray it on. According to

NeverWet is a superhydrophobic coating which can be applied to basically anything, from fabric to surfaces, which has been famous online since the first demonstration videos appeared.

“The spray is even able to make devices like the iPhone waterproof for up to half a foot of water – though the makers of the spray don’t recommend that you try it at home.”

The product does sound like a bit of gimmick – like an infomercial,  but I must say the video is quite intriguing and has definitely piqued my interest. In the video above, they do some pretty unbelievable things – like turning a regular cardboard box into a cooler for beer. That was certainly the part of the video that made me the most skeptical, as it defies my knowledge of physics.

However, if Neverwet is able to make good on half of the demonstrations in this video, it would be well worth the $20 price tag.

Check out the video and give us your thoughts. Do you think it’s real or just a gimmick?

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