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On Cloud 9: Younity Wants To Create Your Personal Cloud

Younity is a new cloud-based application that allows you to share ALL of your files between devices. In today’s world we all typically have multiple devices – smartphones, tablets, computers. A common issue most people encounter is the inability to access their content across each device seamlessly. That is exactly the problem that Younity is trying to solve. Younity creates a ‘personal cloud’ for the files shared on all of your devices for access, anywhere. In the video above, co-founder Erik Casso speaks to Techcrunch about the unique value proposition.

While it may appear that this problem is solved with other applications like Dropbox, Younity is actually what they call a ‘personal cloud.’ What this means is that the application doesn’t store your files—it simply provides access to them across your devices. As the company’s co-founder states, “we’re what everyone wanted iCloud to be. We’re less focused on storage and more focused access.”

Sounds like a cool approach to an ongoing problem. We look forward to seeing how they grow in the future. Check out the interview above.

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