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Vikings’ Adrian Peterson: Many Players Use HGH

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is speaking out about NFL players using the performance-enhancing drug, HGH, suggesting that it is time for the league to consider leveling the playing field by establishing a viable drug testing system.

Within the last few months, many players have been suspended for HGH use in the NFL. Many have speculated that Peterson used the drug to help him recover from a torn ACL knee injury suffered two years ago. The All Star Viking says he’s clean and is eager to prove it.

“You’ve got HGH, something that doesn’t show up on a test, and you’ve got guys out there trying to provide for their families,” Peterson said. “They’re going to try to get that edge, get that advantage, especially if they’re not worried about trying to get caught. Yeah, it’s being used.”

Peterson mentioned that he saw people on Twitter accusing him of using performance-enhancing drugs. Last year, just nine months after having major knee surgery, he had an MVP performance on the field. The running back nearly broke the NFL record for most-rushing-yards-in-a-season.

“[Testing] will bring a lot of people to light,” Peterson said. “It’ll clear a lot of people, on the outside, their curiosity when it comes to different players. So I’m all-in for it. I don’t worry about those types of supplements, using those, because I’m all natural.

“I work hard. This right here, it’s a test for me personally that I know that, ‘Hey, I’m clean as a whistle,’ and other guys as well. And then, like I say, it’ll bring some guys to the forefront and be like, “Hey, I guess this is how this guy’s been performing so well.”

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