2 Teens Injured in Hiking Accident at Stone Mountain Park

Photo Credit: J. Stephen Conn via Flickr

ATLANTA – A teenager injured in a fall at Stone Mountain Park described to FOX5 the terrifying incident that left another teen in intensive care.

Sean Garber was hiking with two other boys and their youth pastor when the accident occurred.

The youth pastor said they were on a well-worn trail that led to a smaller path. Police say it was a restricted area, but the pastor said that they were within the fence, there were no warning signs and he thought it looked safe.

Garber says he fell after trying to grab his friend, Jason Landress, who started sliding down a culvert and couldn’t stop.

“I was going to try and grab on to the ledge, but it was so slippery, I slid off,” Garber said.

DeKalb Fire and Rescue had to use ropes to rescue the boys.

Landress is in intensive care at Atlanta Medical Center after an emergency helicopter flew him from the scene.

Garber has five stitches, cuts, bruises, chipped teeth and a sprained ankle. He also said that he thought they were hiking in a safe area.

“We didn’t see no signs and we were on a trail so there’s possibly no signs. It was like a clear path we were walking on,” said Garber said. “It makes me look like a bad person. Like an outrageous kid that would do type of stuff like that. I’m not that kind of kid”…

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