Natural Healing: Spinach Helps Manage General Health

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Dr. Michael Murray, an authority on natural medicine, asserts that spinach is one of the most nutritious vegetables and quite an excellent source of iron, vitamins and minerals.

This is a great addition to healthy balanced meals, not only for its nutrient content, but also because it is low in calories.

Different types of spinach:

Spinach comes in different varieties. One is savoy which has crusty and curly leaves with creases and springs back fast when squeezed or stretched. The smooth-leaf type has smooth and even leaf, not wrinkled, with leaves in the shape of a spade. The other type is semi-savoy which has similar characteristics to the first type. However, the semi-savoy variety does not have as many creases.

Young spinach leaves, or baby spinach, are excellent for making vegetable salads because of their sweet taste and smaller leaves. When selecting spinach, choose the ones with lively dark green leaves and stalks. Yellowing is not a good characteristic of any green leafy vegetable. The leaves have to look fresh and not wilting. When you see slime coats on the leaves, this means the spinach is already in the process of decaying. It is also important not to rinse these vegetables prior to storing. Contact with water promotes early decay.

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