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Bridezilla Season 10 Episode 7: Myisha and Stephanie

Bridezilla,” Season 10, Episode 7 premiers tonight on WE, and it’s all about Myisha and Stephanie.

On tonight’s episode, when Myisha has the typical Bridezilla breakdown, no one is spared from her violent outburst—not even the crew.  She and the groom forget they signed up to have their entire wedding filmed and are not too happy with the cameraman.

The other bride, Stephanie, also has a problem with her memory. Only this time, it’s the groom’s name. When things don’t go her way, Stephanie is ready to war with everyone she believes has crossed her – including some innocent bystanders.

Check out the latest episode of “Bridezilla” at 8:00 PM on WE. Watch the two videos for a sneak peek of what to expect.


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