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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Derek Jeter Returns to Yankees Tonight

Derek Jeter is set to make his dramatic return tonight to the New York Yankees‘ lineup, general manager Brian Cashman confirmed.

“After the game last night, after [Travis] Hafner got hurt, we looked at the weather patterns and I just decided to make the move for today. Derek was scheduled to DH in Scranton, so I figured, he could DH and sit around in the rain in Scranton, or he can DH and sit around in the rain in the Bronx. We chose the Bronx,” Cashman said in an interview with ESPN.

At the time of the interview, Cashman was not sure if Jeter would take the field against the Kansas City Royals as a shortstop or ¬†as designated hitter. “We’ll talk about it with Joe [Girardi] and see what we decide to do,” he said.

Jeter’s return comes after he missed the entire season so far, suffering a broken ankle from last season’s American League Championship Series.

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