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Gut Check: Golden Corral Dumpster Video Goes Viral, Shows Unsanitary Practices

The craving for Golden Corral’s famed all-you-can-eat baby back ribs may be at an all-time low after an employee posted what’s now known as the “Golden Corral Dumpster Video” online.

According to several sources, 22-year-old Brandon Huber was disgusted by the unsanitary conditions at a Port Orange Golden Corral restaurant where he is employed. Deciding to take action after being inspired by a Dr. Phil episode advising viewers to turn problems into opportunities, Huber uploaded a shocking video onto YouTube.

“I’m scared of my employment. I don’t know who to tell,”’ he confesses in the self-made video.

“But I don’t want to cook this food, I don’t feel safe with it. My management is going to wheel it back into the cooler after the inspection, like nothing ever happened,” he added.

Huber’s video of cooked food, raw ribs and hamburger patties left out by the dumpster in broad daylight during a food inspection has caused a national outcry and concerned citizens are demanding some answers.

“As an employee here, I would not eat this stuff. If this is what the Golden Corral in Port Orange does, I don’t want to think what every other Golden Corral around the world does,” explains Huber.

The backlash has sparked corporate panic from the North Carolina firm Metro Corral Partners, who recently took to Facebook to declare the termination of the manager at the restaurant and to reiterate that the food was never served to a single customer.

It’s hard to tell what effect the Viral Golden Corral dumpster video will ultimately have on the well-visited restaurant chain. But as the video continues to spread, there will likely be a lot of uneasiness about indulging in those baby back ribs.

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