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Comic Book Legend Stan Lee Launches Children’s Book Imprint

The legendary comic book creator Stan Lee recently founded his own children’s book imprint with 1821 Comics and Terry Dougas.

Stan Lee’s Kid’s Universe introduces a host of new storybook characters and brings Lee’s comic book legacy to a new generation of readers. We caught up with Lee for an email interview, getting his advice about creating the best books for kids. He shared these essential elements:

Colors and fun characters are essential in capturing children’s attention and sparking their imagination. Then, a creative story that takes these characters on an exciting, educational journey to make children care about these characters and engage them on a deeper level.

Lee continued, talking about two specific books published in his new imprint:

Once Upon A Time There Was A Pig [by Dani Jones] introduces Hamilton, the pig, who desperately tries to tell a story but keeps getting interrupted by his furry friends. The story of Reggie the Veggie Crocodile is told in rhyme, which is a fun way to engage children. It encourages children to maintain a balanced diet, and eat plenty of vegetables along with their meat … Both have wonderful and fun illustrations and they both have animal characters that children will find familiar.

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