‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3, Episode 6: “Motel California”

Scott and the gang encounter strange experiences when they are stranded at a motel, which makes them believe members of their own group could be the mysterious killer’s newest targets.

In this episode, the long-awaited scene between Danny and Ethan will be broadcast. Will it end in tragedy for Danny, or will Ethan realize that he doesn’t want to hurt him—despite Deucalion’s intentions to go after everyone he loves?

We see many of our favorite characters in precarious situations: Boyd appears dead under water, Isaac is locked in a freezer and Scott’s mom gets attacked.

The preview ends with the text, “Prepare for war,” and we can’t help but think that something big is going to happen in this episode.

“Teen Wolf”, Season 3, Episode 6, “Motel California” airs Monday, July 8, at 10 PM EST on MTV.

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