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Chopping Block: ‘Brooklyn D.A.’ Canceled After Growing Controversy

The documentary series Brooklyn D.A. is now in the “death” time slot, which means it  is probably going to air its last episode before CBS cancels the show.

The series, which starred real Brooklyn district attorneys, suffered chronically low ratings and was slammed by critics who claim it is being used as a self-serving tool to boost the office image amid allegations of misconduct.

Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes, who is running for re-election, appeared on the show. With his office currently facing a $150 million lawsuit alleging misconduct, the lawyers representing the plaintiff say the show unfairly portrays Hynes and his staff in a positive light.

Watch the last episode and see  if you think the show deserved cancellation.

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One thought on “Chopping Block: ‘Brooklyn D.A.’ Canceled After Growing Controversy

  1. Sophia Leigh says:

    So sad how so many corrupt "public servants" have more regularly participated in the lastest trend of "work hard to (lie/fool) change public opinion"… don't actually work hard to just do your job, account for mistakes, and improve oneselves. More peoples money wasted on "looking good" instead of BEING good: honest, hard working, and having integrity to genuinely follow laws and "serve the public". Pathetic, jeuvenille delinquent behaviour. Twits.

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