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Outrageous: Witness Gets Trolled During George Zimmerman Trial

If you have been following the George Zimmerman murder trial, you probably noticed how technology has changed the way prosecutors and defense lawyers present their cases in court. This was especially obvious when the state called a witness to testify via Skype because he was supposedly hiking in a remote location in Colorado that made it hard to get to him.

Assistant state prosecuting attorney Richard Mantei called Scott Pleasants on Skype. Pleasants is a former criminal justice professor who taught Zimmerman in 2011.The whole testifying-via-Skype thing shocked many viewers.

But things took a turn for the worst when the lawyers, who didn’t seem experienced in the use of Skype in a televised courtroom, allowed the name and number of the witness to be shown on live TV.

The Zimmerman trial is likely one of the most watched programs on television this week so you can only begin to imagine how the pranksters made a mockery of the court and that poor man who was only trying to deliver his testimony.

What was even more unsettling was that the lawyers and judge, obviously unfamiliar with the technology, didn’t know what to do when things went haywire. They began freaking out and  eventually did what any adult would do when they can’t figure out how to work a new gadget: turned it off!

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