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What A Crying Shame: Aaron Hernandez Apparently Has A Violent Past

Ever since Aaron Hernandez, the 23-year-old former Patriots tight end has been charged with murder, there have been numerous stories surfacing about the ex-NFL player’s violent history. The authorities are currently investigating him in a double homicide and now the player’s past is being uncovered piece by piece. Details have emerged involving Hernandez’ past run-ins with the law, which involves a University of Florida bar fight, a personal clash with his fiancé in his home, and a former friend claiming the ex-Patriot shot him..

According to a police report, back in 2007, Hernandez was involved in an altercation at The Swamp restaurant and bar near Florida’s campus. The document states that a waitress brought Hernandez two “alcoholic drinks.” He finished the beverages but refused to pay for the drinks when he received the bill.

Another violent story involving Aaron Hernandez is when his fiancée called the police on him a couple months back when he punched a window in their Hermosa Beach, CA home, where he reportedly bled all over the place.

Last week, Hernandez pleaded not guilty to murder and gun charges in the killing of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd.

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