Parenting Advice From a College Kid

It might seem strange for a person who isn’t even thinking about parenthood to write a parenting article.

Yet I may offer some of the best parenting advice you’re not hearing, because I’m offering advice from the perspective of your kids. There are a lot of parenting books, magazines and advice columns out there, but little of it is from the perspective of the kid.

Here’s some advice that I’ve collected through things I’ve seen, heard, and experienced first hand.

Let us make mistakes

We will never learn from our mistakes unless you allow us to make some. Growing up is a learning process, but bailing us out of every situation and being afraid of seeing us fail won’t help us out at all. Let us fall down and make mistakes, but more importantly, let us get back up and brush ourselves off.

Become our friend when we leave for college

After 18 years of having a parent, it’s time to reconfigure your relationship with us. We don’t need a parent anymore … we need a friend. You don’t have the same control over us you did in our younger teenage years. If we come to you with a situation and need your input, don’t judge us — understand us.

Communication is more important than you think

We may go up to our room, close the door and blare our music. We might even stay out late with our friends, but still remember that you are still on the top of our priority list.

We still want to communicate and talk to you, and since we are older, you might enjoy talking to us too, but we won’t start opening up if the lines of communication are closed. We won’t feel like we can talk to you if there is judgment, disappointment and disinterest surrounding us.

We might not outright say that we want to spend time with you, but deep down, that’s how we feel. You might have to take the initiative and schedule some quality time…

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