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Eddie Murphy, Model Girlfriend, Daughters Soak Up Sun in Hawaii

Eddie Murphy was surrounded by beautiful women when he took to Hawaii for a family vacation, but none seemed more stunning than his model girlfriend Paige Butcher and her two gorgeous daughters.

It seems like Murphy has no problem introducing his many lady friends to his two daughters as the group already took a family vacation to Hawaii.

The 52-year-old is dating 34-year-old model Paige Butcher and although we still can’t figure out what the attraction is, the odd couple is still going strong.

Of course, Paige’s dating past does suggest she has a thing for older African American men as she also dated 55-year-old New York native Russell Simmons.

Anyway, it seems like Eddie might have had some making up to do with his blonde bombshell boo because he was caught trying to serenade her on their hotel balcony.

While a man singing with a guitar in his hand is usually a lovely gesture, it seems like Paige was extremely irritated with her boyfriend as she stood there with her arms crossed.

Perhaps he is just a terrible singer and the tune put her in a bad mood? Or maybe the song was his way of apologizing for something he did wrong?

After taking a quick stroll down Eddie’s dating past we’re going to opt for option number two.

Whether or not the song worked is uncertain because while she kept her defensive stance, she did crack a slight smile every now and then.

Meanwhile, Eddie Murphy’s two daughters Bria and Shayne Audra weren’t very concerned with their pop’s love life as they hit the beach in some itty bitty bikinis.


Bria, 23, has done some modeling for Maxim in the past and it’s no surprise that they were begging for her to get in front of the camera.

She soaked up the sun in a cute black and gold bikini and flaunted her curvy yet petite frame.

It seems like 18-year-old sister Shayne Audra could certainly follow in her sister’s modeling footsteps as well because she looked stunning in her coral strapless bikini that revealed she had a little more hip than her older sister which added to her hour glass physique.

Both siblings also rocked pierced navels and some simple gold accessories.

Even with makeup-less faces both of Eddie’s daughters looked gorgeous as the dipped in and out of the water before making their way unto some paddle boards.

While both of the young ladies earned their physique by exercise and eating healthy, older sister Bria admitted that in the modeling industry some girls take drastic measures to stay super skinny.

During an interview with ABC, she revealed that some of the models she has worked with in the past have resorted to eating cotton balls in order to stay skinny.

When asked what exactly she means by “eating cotton balls” the celebrity’s daughter revealed that she meant exactly that.

“They dip it in orange juice and they eat the cotton balls to make them feel full,” she explained.

She added that many people underestimate the emotional toll it takes on the models when they are constantly being criticized and pressured to stay super skinny.



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