Aiyana Stanley-Jones: Trial Resumes for Officer Charged in Girl’s Death

More relatives of a 7-year-old Detroit girl are expected to testify in the trial of a police officer charged in her death.

Joseph Weekley’s trial is to resume Monday in Wayne County Circuit Court. Weekley is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Aiyana Stanley-Jones was shot in the head during a May 2010 police raid as she slept on a couch near the front door inside her east side home.

Police tossed a stun grenade through a window before entering the house. They were after Chauncey Owens, a suspect in a murder 2 days earlier.

Weekley contends he accidentally fired his gun when Aiyana’s grandmother, Mertilla Jones, reached for it. Jones is listed as a witness in the trial.

The raid was being filmed by a reality television show crew.

Source: AP

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