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Miguel Sued by Fan for Brain Damage After Billboard Awards Stage Drop?

Miguel is possibly facing a serious lawsuit for causing brain damage to a fan, Khyati Shah, after he landed on her after a failed stage leap during the 2013 Billboard Awards.

We predicted that Miguel would be facing some serious legal issues after he pretty much drop kicked two women at the Billboard Awards, but we certainly weren’t expecting anyone to scream brain damage… yikes!

Shah’s lawyer, Vip Bhola, explained that after receiving the results from several medical tests it seems that Khyati’s injuries will more than likely allow her move forward with a hefty lawsuit.

“Some of the difficulties she’s experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion or a neurological head injury,” Bhola said.

Bhola also made it clear that it isn’t just Miguel who made some pretty poor decisions that night.

Shah’s lawyer even slammed the Billboard Music Awards for dealing with her client’s injury by simply handing her an ice pack.

According to her, Khyati needed to be rushed to the hospital instead.

In other words, Miguel, gear up for a pretty nasty legal battle because Khyati is trying to get paid.

While we all can testify to the fact that Khyati probably received some nasty injuries from having the “Adorn” crooner leap in the air and take a seat on her head we’re pretty sure the brain damage claim is a slight stretch for the sake for a bigger pay off.

Brain damage might not be the only thing Miguel gets blamed for either.

His “new friend” is also waiting to hear back from a neurologist. That’s right. Apparently the Billboards failed stage jump even ruined her nerves.

Hey, if you’re going to sue a celebrity you might as well go big or go home right?

Meanwhile, neither Miguel nor any reps for the Billboard Awards were able to be reached for comment.


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2 thoughts on “Miguel Sued by Fan for Brain Damage After Billboard Awards Stage Drop?

  1. I think what surprised me the most is he kept singing! he didn't even stop and say are you okay he just kept going with his performance. celebs really need to stick to just dancing and singing and stop leapin over people or trying to do stunts that get the audience hurt. that I do hope the young lady is okay.

  2. Firebird Tomonaga says:

    He took out two women. One he really kicked in the back of the head and she held her head for a few seconds, then collapsed. The other one had her head bashed on the stage with his knee. I'm surprised only one has issues now.

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