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After Fatal Shooting, East Atlanta Village Adds Security Patrol

ATLANTA – In the week after East Atlanta homeowner Patrick Cotrona, 33, was killed while walking from his home to a local bar, community members are starting a new security patrol to ensure pedestrian safety.

Cotrona was shot and killed while walking on May Avenue. Atlanta police have not arrested anyone in connection with his death.

East Atlanta Community Association President Kevin Spigener said the death took locals by surprise.

“We were quite shaken,” Spigener said. “The impact of Patrick’s death last Saturday night has brought us together as a community.”

There is already an East Atlanta Security Patrol, which pays for off-duty police officers to patrol residential streets. But after Cotrona’s death, a new patrol formed to look out for East Atlanta Village, which attracts locals and visitors with shops, restaurants and bars.

“I think it’s important to have it in the village because, one, it makes our residents and our visitors alike know that East Atlanta Village cares,” Spigener said.

He said the new patrol will be funded by donations and that several local businesses have already started chipping in.


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