Kanye Keeps ‘Yeezus’ Cover Art Plain and Simple

Don’t look for over-the-top graphics on the cover art for Kanye West’s upcoming album.

The rapper kept the concept simple for Yeezus, revealing the album’s cover on his website Friday—a plain CD case with a disc inside, topped with a piece of red tape that reads “Yeezus.”

The cover is a bit different from the album artwork his girlfriend Kim Kardashian revealed on Instagram before his Saturday Night Live performance last week.

That cover art was a cracked CD case, topped with what looked like a melted gold Jesus piece and the same piece of red tape over it.

And sitting next to it was a pair of red Nike Air Yeezy IIs.

Perhaps Kanye had a change of heart?

The Grammy-winning artist has managed to keep mum on the entire concept of his sixth studio album, but he has been debuting some of his new music, including “New Slaves” and “Black Skinhead” during his SNL performance, undisclosed songs at the Met Gala, and more music during a surprise performance at New York’s Roseland Ballroom.

And in a grand gesture, he released his controversial track “New Slaves,” along with visuals, on 66 buildings across the globe a couple of weeks ago (prior to his SNL performance).

Kanye’s album is scheduled to hit stores June 18.

Source: eonline.com

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