Rihanna Takes Show Boating to Another Level, Lipstick Gives Fan Herpes

Rihanna is giving the middle finger to all her haters once again, but this time she has taken her boastful, show boating tweets to another level as she actually gave the haters the finger from her luxury yacht. Meanwhile, a Rihanna fan is filing a lawsuit after getting herpes at RiRi’s concert.

The “Stay” songstress posted a picture of herself and a pal on a grand yacht putting up both of their middle fingers to the camera as she arrived in Istanbul.

With a few reports claiming Rihanna’s mother isn’t exactly ecstatic about her daughter’s behavior recently, RiRi did apologize for the rude gesture although we’re pretty sure she didn’t really mean it.

“#sorrymom,” she wrote as the caption of the smug photo.

Just a few seconds before her middle finger picture hit the web she sent out quite a few tweets bragging about her star status.

“Rolled up to my show on a yacht!” followed by her usual string of random hashtags.

Of course this isn’t the first time Chris Brown’s ex used social media to toot her own horn.

“I see you aiming at my pedestal… I betta letcha know… #SOLDOUT #STADIUMSTATUS,” she tweeted earlier this week.

Not to mention her rumored to be Beyonce diss that she tweeted out about a month ago where she suggested she was the real number one R&B diva in the game and she should “bow down” to nobody.

It seems like RiRi might need to help herself to a huge slice of humble pie, but then again America excused Mariah Carey’s smug attitude on “American Idol” because she had an impressive resume so if that’s the logic we’re using then the Bajan beauty can go ahead and smug up Twitter all she wants.

Meanwhile, it seems Rihanna wasn’t just giving haters the middle finger… one concert goer is suggesting she was giving fans an awful STD as well.

A woman from New York is filing a lawsuit after she claims she got herpes from a lipstick sample at RiRi’s concert.

Starkeema Greenridge says she contracted herpes after she tried a sample of the Rihanna endorsed MAC lipstick which immediately began irritating her lips.

According to the lawsuit she is seeking compensation for “mental anguish and emotional distress.”

While some people are calling it a get rich quick scam, Greenridge insists that she is just trying to do what’s right and prevent other people from going through what she is going through now.

“This is going to happen over and over again if nothing is done,” the New York waitress said. “I wasn’t able to work for two weeks. It cost me a lot of money.”

She went on to explain that the person who was handing out the free samples handed her a tube that had been used by other patrons and she believes someone who had previously tried the lipstick had herpes.

From a legal standpoint it can be troubling to a judge to hear Greenridge testify that she had knowledge of the lipstick being used by previous patrons because if that’s the case she should have denied the free sample.

Either way, it will be up to the courts to decide what should happen with the alleged herpes spreading MAC pop up shop.


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