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In Search of a New Definition of Success

I’m happy to announce that next week, on June 6, Mika Brzezinski and I will be co-hosting the Huffington Post’s first-ever women’s conference, “The Third Metric: Redefining Success Beyond Money & Power.”

As the title makes clear, the purpose is to discuss ways to come up with a new definition of what it means to be successful. Right now, the two metrics of success that drive the American workplace are money and power, but by themselves, they make a two-legged stool — fine for balancing on for a short time, but after a while, you’re headed for a fall.

And guided by this limited definition of success, more and more “successful” people are falling. So what we need is a more humane and sustainable definition of success that includes well-being, wisdom, wonder, empathy, and the ability to give back. But how do we recalibrate our current benchmarks of success? That’s what we’ll be discussing.

The conference is fully booked, but we would love you to be part of the larger conversation, which has already started on the new section we launched on HuffPost, The Third Metric: Redefining Success Beyond Money & Power.

In the days leading up to the conference this week and next, and long after it ends, we’ll be featuring blog posts on anything and everything related to the topic, and starting conversations around them.

Please join the conversation by sending a post to me, by leaving a comment on this post or by tweeting using the hashtag #thirdmetric. We’ll also be posting videos from the event and sharing bits of wisdom throughout the day.

The participants include Valerie Jarrett, Jill Abramson, Cindi Leive, Katie Couric, Sen. (and former single mom) Claire McCaskill, Lesley Stahl, Ali Wentworth, Erica Hill, Susie Essman, Joanna Coles, Candice Bergen, writer Rebecca Miller, neuroscientist Amishi Jha, Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior, and human rights activist Clemantine Wamariya…

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