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‘Body of Proof’ Season 3 Episode 13: “Daddy Issues”

In this week’s Body of Proof season 3, episode 13 “Daddy Issues,” Megan probes more deeply into her father’s suicide so much that she finally gets some closure.

Body of Proof follows the life and career of Medical Examiner Megan Hunt, once a high-flying neurosurgeon, who now works in Philadelphia’s Medical Examiner’s Office after a car accident abruptly ended her neurosurgery career. As a Medical Examiner Megan applies her vast medical knowledge, keen instincts and variously charming and scalpel-like personality to the task of solving the medical mysteries of the dead and bringing the people responsible for their deaths to justice. As she investigates what happened to her patients, their lives and the lessons they hold become a kind of bequest to Megan, to learn from and to apply to her own life, if she has the courage to do so.

Body of Proof season 3, episode 13, “Daddy Issues,” airs May 28, at 10pm est on ABC. Spoiler video below:

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