Jennifer Hudson in Talks to Join American Idol Season 13?

Former Idol star and accomplished actress and singer Jennifer Hudson is reportedly in talks along with other former Idol contestants and winners to replace the outgoing judges on American Idol. Randy Jackson, the only original judge on the longstanding yet flailing talent show has confirmed his departure, however Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban have not released any statements. Despite their coyness rumors are abound that Fox executives plan to wipe the slate clean and start over for season 13. According to the Daily Beast, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson have received calls.

Just over a week before the confetti rained down on Candice Glover, reports leaked of an American Idol bloodbath—all four judges, including stalwart dawg Randy Jackson, were being booted from the panel—and we argued that it’s in the best interest of the aging reality show and the misguided music stars it courts not to hire celebrity judges in the future. It seems now, at least in part, producers are listening.

The Idol off-season rumor mill is already whipping furiously, with Vulture reporting that Fox is giving “serious consideration” to the idea of inviting former Idol contestants and winners to next season’s judges tables. Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson already reportedly have been approached, with Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert also under serious consideration.

Responding to the relentless media narrative harping over how—owed to falling ratings, a tired format, and frustrated fans—Idol is “dead,” Fox head honcho Kevin Reilly told reporters last week that “everything was on the table” as far as what would happen when the Idol team pressed reset and retooled the show for next season. If this still very speculative report is indicative of what he plans to bring to the table next season, then those Idol­-obituary-writing critics are in for a big scare. Idol might be back from the dead.

Do you American Idol can revive its ratings with the help of Jennifer Hudson and other Idol winners and contestants?

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