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Trailer for 'A Field in England'

Ben Wheatley and his team are among the most interesting fresh talents working today. The US is just now getting a taste of last year’s Sightseers, a strange tale about a boring couple on a boring vacation who begin killing people. Now there’s A Field in England, which is a bit of a departure from the Wheatley team’s previous efforts, being a black-and-white period film. But it still looks to be bleak, surreal, and violent, which is right in line with the rest of their work.

The movie takes place during the English Civil War, in the 1600’s, and follows a group of deserters from the conflict who begin scrounging for treasure when they come under the psychedelic influence of an alchemist. Or maybe they come under the influence of an alchemist, and begin searching for treasure as a result. In either case, the results look quite trippy.

A Field in England comes out July 5th in the UK. Observe the trailer below:

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