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Beyonce Second Baby Rumors Out Of Control, Mysterious Instagram Denial

Rumors of a second Beyonce baby on the way have spiraled out of control with many magazines claiming the news is already “confirmed” when it indeed is not. Meanwhile a mysterious Instagram post from Queen Bey is floating around the web denying any allegations that she is pregnant.

If Beyonce has worked up some sort of scheme to make sure people are more confused about her pregnancy now than they were when the first baby bump folded in on itself during an interview, she is doing a damn good job.

Of course, that isn’t a hard thing to do when many of the media outlets aren’t doing their jobs the way they should.

News broke that Beyonce’s second pregnancy had been “confirmed” but that’s actually not the case.

When it comes to a star being pregnant the only real confirmation will be when the star admits it themselves or when that baby bump is so large it is undeniable. Queen Bey fits in neither of those categories.

Fans and media alike have simply taken every move Baddie Bey made and twisted it to fit the ideal story that there is another bun in the oven and while that may actually be the case it certainly is nowhere near being confirmed simply because some anonymous sources have stepped forward to say the rumors are true.


Some anonymous sources can tell you that Kanye West is some sort of undercover hip hop ninja that raps by day and slays villains by night but you wouldn’t really look for Mr. West hopping across rooftops would you?

It seems like the Beyonce baby rumors are being fluffed up by poor journalism and readers are taking notice.

“Oh SHUT UP E,” one reader commented on an E! Online article that blasted Beyonce’s second pregnancy confirmation. “Beyonce hasn’t even officially announced she’s pregnant and you are milking ‘pun intended’ this story dry… I am DONE on here until January 2014… see y’all next year.”

Meanwhile, it seems like Beyonce has finally spoken up about the rumors after denying them on Instagram… or did she?

A mysterious Instagram post has been floating around the web that is allegedly from Queen Bey herself denying all allegations that she is pregnant.

The text claims that Beyonce “can’t stop the rumors” and she can’t “change peoples minds who believe them” just before she slams all the rumor starters as “low life people.”

Hmmm something is fishy here…

If you check out Bey’s official Instagram page the post isn’t there. Perhaps it has been deleted or removed due to some backlash for calling potential fans “low life people,” but that doesn’t seem like a Beyonce move.

The other problem with the public denial? The language of it all. It doesn’t seem like Bey’s usual flowery and somewhat witty vernacular. She usually has a much more complex way of saying things other than just slamming people as low lifes.

Remember when the lip sync fiasco was catching major headlines and she responded by posting a picture of herself in a sweatshirt that read “Can I Live?”

That’s the usual Beyonce way of handling rumors. Something that makes you scratch your chin and wonder if she is even talking about what you think she is talking about.

Perhaps the biggest thing that has us concerned with the Instagram post that has vanished off of Instagram but still floating around on Google Images is that Beyonce didn’t WRITE it.

No matter what the issue at hand is, when Beyonce wants to make a statement on Instagram she hand writes a note and then snaps a pic of it. It is extremely rare that she will type the words in and post it that way.

When she had to cancel her concert she WROTE a note to apologize to fans. When she wanted to tell her fans to #BeyGood she WROTE a note. When she took over the Super Bowl stage and knocked the lights out she WROTE a note to Kelly and Michelle.

We aren’t saying it is impossible that she is denying the rumors, we’re just saying that none of the latest Beyonce second pregnancy news can be “confirmed” according to journalistic standards.

Not the denial on Instagram nor the second pregnancy news.


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