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Stocking a Vegan Pantry From Mainstream Supermarkets

For some of us (namely West Coasters and New Yorkers), health food stores seem to be on every corner, but for many Americans, supermarkets are the only easily accessible way to stock one’s cupboards. As a vegan, this may seem challenging at first—navigating seemingly endless rows of pre-packaged foods with questionable ingredient lists in search of a suitable plant-based snack to call your own. But, hark! John McDevitt, the voice behind blog The Laziest Vegans in the World, is here with a formidable library of tips and tricks for making the most of your run-of-the-mill mainstream grocery store. Read on, shop on, and nosh on.

Lettuce Begin 
As a vegan, the best place to start is the produce aisle. Even if you are the laziest vegan alive, there are fruits and vegetables that you will love. Grocery stores always have pre-washed/ pre-cut produce for sale, so there is no excuse for not eating your greens! Pre-washed salad mixes from brands such as Earthbound Farm always hit the spot. Throw in some tomatoes, avocado, and onion, and enjoy. Even some brands of bacon bits are vegan (surprise!), and prepared guacamole and hummus also come in handy. Mainstream stores will have tofu and soymilk (we’ve come so far!), and don’t forget the fruit—freeze some bananas, add frozen berries, and make a creamy smoothie .
Do The Can Can
In the canned food section, there’s a plethora of plant-based choices. Hormel makes a vegan chili, and many varieties of Progresso soup are vegan. Of course, you can also load up on canned beans, which can be used in really easy ways: everything from a mock-tuna salad featuring chickpeas to a black-bean burger or taco meat made from lentils. And don’t forget the refried beans. Old El Paso and many other supermarket brands are already vegan or offer vegan varieties.
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